About Me


Hello there! I’m Denali Hedrick, and I am a junior in strategic communications at West Virginia University. My area of emphasis is in public relations and am I getting minors in business administration and law and legal studies. I am proudly from Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.

I think the most important thing to know about me is that I am a Mountaineer first. I work for the Office of Admissions as a student ambassador here at WVU, so a huge part of what I do on a day-to-day basis is convince prospective students that choosing WVU is the best decision they could make, mostly because for me, the decision has been life-changing. I am the first person from my family to attend college, and while at first the thought was somewhat scary and unimaginable, coming to WVU has made all the difference for me. I quickly got involved with various organizations on campus and since then, Morgantown has become my home, and I love to share it with others.

In addition to my work with Admissions, I am a peer mentor for the Honors College, an ambassador for the Reed College of Media, a tutor at the Eberly Writing Studio, and a Mountaineer Guide. I am also a server at a restaurant here in Morgantown. Clearly, I have a great passion for meeting new people and helping them out, whether that be with becoming acquainted with campus, working on their dissertation, or getting them a bottle of ketchup to accompany their side of fries. My skills are diverse, but they are centered upon the assistance of the public.

My plans for my future career are simply a byproduct of the experiences that I have had and insights that I have gained from the organizations that I am involved with on campus, which I suppose is their purpose. Over the summer, as a part of my participation in the various groups I work with, I was obligated to read the novel chosen as the “Campus Read” for the schoolyear. The book was written by a lawyer, Bryan Stevenson, and called Just Mercy. Although I initially did not have much hope for my attention span during the required reading, I was quickly captivated by the various stories of injustices within the legal system. I found myself wondering what I would do to find justice in these situations, and my tendency and passion for helping others could not help but to be piqued. Within the span of a few hundred pages, it felt like the trajectory of my life had changed.

At this point, I believe many aspects of my life are pieces that have fallen into place, leading me to the stage I am in. I hope to use the strong writing skills that I have gained through my academic studies and pair them with the communications skills that I have developed during my experiences working with the public to prepare myself for a career as an attorney in West Virginia. I want to advocate for marginalized people and interests here in the state, after attending law school at West Virginia University.

The objective of this website is to showcase my skills as a writer and a creator and to convey the relevancy of my experiences in my pursuit of a law degree. I want to show that the parts that I play as a public relations student, a tour guide, a teacher, a tutor, and even a waitress, have all culminated to create a greater me as a whole. All of these seemingly disjointed roles have given me such a unique set of abilities that I know will be useful to me in my future career, and it is my hope that those visiting can glean that, as well.

So, let’s go.